The 2013/14 Committee is as follows.

Chairman George Russell
Treasurer Hugh Hutchison
Secretary Nigel Herron
Branch Diving Officer Colin Campbell
Expedition Officer Willie Lee
Equipment Officer Jamie Kerr
Boat Officer Russell Finlayson
Compressor Officer Nigel Herron
Clubhouse Officer James New
Meetings will take place every 8 weeks on a Tuesday evening.
There will be NO lecture on these Tuesdays but there WILL be pool training at the usual time.

The general agenda for the AGM, to be held on the last Tuesday in February, is as follows:

  • Chairman’s report.
  • Treasurer’s report including Fees & Membership proposals.
  • BDO’s report.
  • Boat Officer’s report.
  • Compressor Officer’s report.
  • Expedition Officer’s report.
  • Clubhouse Officer’s report.
  • Equipment Officer’s report.
  • Publications & Web Officers reports.
  • Dissolution of current Committee.
  • Election of new Committee members.
  • Any Other Business.


Irvine SAC Qualified Boat Handlers.

Willie Lee Colin Campbell
Jim Craig Jimmy Johannessen
Evonne Maxwell Lorna Fraser
Hugh Hutchison Chris McLuckie
Frank Long Davie Jones
Davie Halbert

Irvine SAC Qualified Boat Towers.

David Jones Frank Long
Hugh Hutchison Willie Lee
James New Davie Halbert

Irvine SAC Qualified Compressor Operators.

Colin Campbell Nigel Herron
Hugh Hutchison John Munro
Willie Lee Davie Jones
Frank Long Davie Halbert
Jimmy Johannessen Craig Finlay
Russell Finlayson Chris McLuckie
Jim Craig